Dealing with tools ….

So, my bright idea to become a locksmith was now a reality. This was it, I was now self employed and still not really having a clue about what I was doing. I fell lucky that a charity I had worked with whilst working for the Police had some funding and provided me with my first few months of work. However it was not your typical locksmith work, and as much as I enjoyed it I was keen to get Lady Locksmiths up and running properly. One thing I  was quickly learning was that I was never going to be able to work as a locksmith with the one scabby screw driver I possessed that was some where in the draw of doom! You know that draw filled with pizza menus, t lights, lighters, other random items that will never be used but can’t be thrown out.

It was time to face my fear, accept the inevitable, I was going to have to explore different aisles in B & Q and venture in to a world unknown to me – the world of tools.

Not this type of tool:


This type:

pile of tools

This is an actual representation of the contents of my tool bag!

As I have mentioned in a previous post I spent the first 38 years of my life believing that No Nails, blue tac and gaffa tape could pretty much fix anything – it cannot! I know this now. I now have just about every tool catalogue and brochure known to man – my CDT teacher from school would be so proud and no doubt bloody amazed to hear this.

It has been a slow and at times extremely painful journey in getting used to the tools I use on a daily basis. I have learnt that chisels are extremely sharp, and I have the scars to prove it. I have learnt the reason wall plugs are different colours and that there are different drill bits for wood and brick – who knew?  I can now use both my drill and impact driver like a pro (ish). I have spanners and screwdrivers, hammers and saws like you would not believe. I do still make stupid mistakes, such as buying a manual planer rather than an electric one, I had two doors to plane down due to a new carpet being fitted – the blisters took weeks to heal – never again!!!

Now it may be the year 2017 and us female folk can work and vote and well do anything that male folk do but it is still very much a mans world when it comes to tools! I  frequently get asked if I need a hand whilst I’m browsing in the “drill bits and accessories aisle” –  they are not staff – just random men. Now I am not wanting to start a whole debate on sexism and feminism and women’s right etc, I honestly don’t mind it, I like to think that they are being helpful rather than patronising. I find I get patronised more by females, don’t know why but the following story is a classic example of what I deal with.

It was whilst I was in a well known shop, I’m not going to name and shame but its somewhere you would buy a screw from to fix something, that I was left shell shocked – not by a man in the shop but by a woman! I went in, ordered what I needed, paid and waited for my order to come through to the front of the store. When it arrived it was brought through by a lovely lady, full of smiles who took one look at me (stood there in my uniform with logo on it) and said ” here you go – aren’t you nice picking stuff up for your boyfriend”, I shit you not!!! I didn’t know what to say, I just smiled and left.

Anyway, you just have to laugh, life is to short to worry about little things. I do my job well and I make sure I have the tools to do it properly.  I have mentioned it a few times that I do like to make things difficult for myself so will generally try and teach myself how to do something first –  there is a huge pile of wood in my unit that bears the scars of my failed attempts and I have had to go back to shops and rebuy exactly the same item within hours of buying the first one as I have broken it – and obviously hidden the broken one – don’t want people to think I am completely thick.

Any hoo, this is just one part of my lock smith journey that I am slowly getting to grips with. Like I have said, it has been a turbulent journey and its far from over yet.

One final thing – any one tell me how I am supposed to sharpen these bastard pencils????


Ha ha ha!!!

Alex xx


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