My first time ….

Quite often when someone needs a locksmith it happens to be in the middle of the night. Now there is no rule that states any locksmith has to be available 24 hours a day and many advertise this with absolutely no intention of leaving their beds during the night. I decided that I was going to be available, that I would be available 24/7 to jump in to action if someone needed me. My little van was stocked to the brim and I was confident I could deal with just about any situation – how very wrong I was!!!

It didn’t take to long for my first night time call out to come through. It was for a guy who had lost his keys and needed to be in as his dog was inside. No problem, it was a UPVC door so shouldn’t be to difficult. Agreed a price with the guy and off I trotted – ready to save this guy from a night of misery and reunite him with his dog. God I love my job!

I arrive at the property and in my head I have a plan of how the next 30 minutes is going to go, happy days, I will be back in my bed before I know it. The guy had been on a night out when he has lost his keys and apparently had always thought about becoming a locksmith – oh joy, I could see the next 30 minutes were not going to be as plain sailing as I first thought. As soon as someone says this I get little alarm bells going off in my head. I would imagine that at some point he has seen a locksmith at work – probably in a film and thought ooooooo that looks nice and easy. He has no doubt then watched a couple of You Tube videos and figured that he could probably master most locks – if he really had to – this night was clearly not one of those times and he was quite happy to sit peering over my shoulder. I was just waiting for the helpful advice to start. Now the reason he hadn’t gone to stay with a friend over night was because his beloved dog was in the house by himself and he was desperate to get in and make sure he was ok. I have had dogs most of my adult life and I would suspect that the dog had been absolutely fine, sound asleep, dreaming of chasing rabbits until someone (me) decides to break in to his house in the middle of the night. This does not make for a calm situation when working on a lock inches away from a letter box with what I can only imagine looks like this on the other side:



I kid you not this is how I imagined the dog to look like that was trying to get to me through the letter box – I was sweating. This was not going to plan at all and the guy was starting to ask really irritating questions about how long it would take to get him in the house. In all fairness I was in no hurry as I didn’t fancy getting my face ripped off by the pissed off pooch on the other side of the door but time was ticking on and I really wanted to get home. I was running out of options, I was tired, cold and starting to get really pissed off with the deranged hound  and the drunk sitting on my shoulder trying to tell me how to do my job. I just needed it to start snowing, just to really piss me off.   The traditional methods I had tried just would not work and I didn’t fancy drilling the lock out at 2am so I had to resort to a method I use when there is nothing else to do and believe me its not pretty. I am not going to go in to details but I did get the guy in to his house and reunite him with his dog – who wasn’t that scary after all – thank god.

I had left the house full of optimism, I had been called out to help someone, it felt really good that some one needed me, I drove home from that job wondering what the fuck I was doing???? If you have been reading my blog you will realise by now that I think this a lot. I have truly ventured in to unknown waters with this business. I will say it again that I was so naïve thinking that it would be easy. It is not! On the bright side I had finally popped my locksmith “call out” cherry and completed my first night time call out. Now they are just part of the job but even 18 months down the line I could never be fully prepared for all circumstances.

This became apparent about a month ago when I was called out to an emergency through the night, the person that rang me explained that the police had had to force entry to the property and the resident had been taken to hospital. I asked what the damage was and I was told “not to much, they removed the handles and managed to get in”. I swear to god the door was practically hanging off its hinges, there is not enough gaffa tape in the world that would have fixed it. I advised them that they needed someone to board the door up and why they had called me ( I don’t do boarding) and the reply was – we were told you were good! Good – yes, miracle worker – no. First time I have left a job without completing it – another locksmith cherry popped – I am on a roll!!!

Until the next time.

Alex xx

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