Walking away from 2017 …….

Well its here ….. 2018, this is my first blog of the new year and its going to be mostly thinking back over the last 12 months. Its not al to do with work, its also a personal reflection. When I set up Lady Locksmiths 2 years ago I was full of enthusiasm, optimism and motivation to take over the world ….. 24 long months later and I am still here, just a little deflated! 2017 was a long year. Last January was painfully quiet. I know all businesses are quiet at the beginning of the year, but I was taking my mobile phone to the bathroom with me – just in case it rang! It did occasionally ring and there was spots of work but certainly nothing like I had been used to in 2016 – major shock to the system and the ever deflating bank balance. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love being self employed, its been an ambition of mine for years and I am finally living the dream, I just thought things would be a bit different.

February arrived and things started to slowly pick up. The nights got a little bit lighter and the weather a little bit better enquiries started to come in from people wanting to use my handy woman service and get their gardens in order for the spring. I was also interview by BBC Newcastle about being a female locksmith. I definitely think I have a face for radio – ha ha ha ha!!! You have to laugh!

Definitely a face for radio!!!!!


March swings by and I turn 40. Dear god, how naïve we are when we are young, 40 seems like such an old age. I can remember being at school and thinking about what I wanted in life and 40 seemed like retirement age when you are 14. I don’t have many regrets in life but I would love to be able to go back to 14 – I would be a bloody millionaire by now. I had a weekend off to celebrate my birthday, I spent it in London with zombies at the Walking Dead Convention. Its weird to watch it now that I hugged most of the actors that star in it – not Norman though – Boo!

For my birthday I had a lovely meal out with my nearest and dearest. I didn’t want a fuss – it was exactly what I wanted. I got the best present ever from Davey – two ducks. Obviously they were called Daryl and Carol!



April swings round and I get a call from Social Services to do a joint visit with a social worker for a young girl that needed some assistance with her property. This is when I met Jillian Grant. Jillian was registered blind and her property had become a bit of a state. She had 5 cockatiel’s that were free to fly around and it had all got  bit to much for her. My job was to get her back on her feet again. Again, this is not the type of work I want to be doing but I do get an amazing sense of satisfaction when I see improvements in a property and somebodies standard of living is being improved. This job was certainly not going to be done in a day so I would visit Jillian weekly and spend a couple of hours with her, tidying up, cleaning and organising. We struck up a bit of a bizarre friendship and had many a good chat about all sorts of subjects. Jillian was extremely independent and would go out to various events and for meals out but she struck me as a very lonely person with no contact or help from her family. I continued to work with Jillian for a couple of months until it became clear that she was no longer benefitting from me being there and it was more of a hindrance for her. It was agreed that I would no longer attend her property.

This short tale has a tragic end as Jillian was found dead on Christmas Day. A man has been arrested and charged with her murder. I must admit I felt immense sadness when I saw this on the news. Jillian was a vulnerable woman who has ended up paying the ultimate price. I hope the bastard that did this to her rots in jail for eternity and that hopefully one day karma will pay him a visit.

RIP Jillian Grant

I had loads to look forward to in May, I had taken another weekend off ( I love being my own boss) to go away for my friend, Dawns hen do. We were off to a barn in North Yorkshire, a full weekend of hot tubbing, drinking, games and laughter was instore. Unfortunately on the 2nd of May my worst nightmare happened. I lost my beautiful boy Buster. He had been in my life for 12 years and I was heartbroken. I knew his time had come and it was the right decision but that doesn’t make it any easier. I was numb, I couldn’t imagine life without him. I made the decision to still go on the hen do, and I was surprised how much fun I had, I love to say that this was due to the wonderful company but it was more likely the ridiculous amount of cider I drank!! Love you Dawn if you are reading this!




June, July and August are my favourite months of the year. I love the summer months – lovely long days, sunshine and t shirts. Everything seems bearable in the summer. Lots of people moving house so my business was doing really well. I was spending my time between locksmithing and doing my handy woman service, which includes tending to lots of lovely gardens. My own garden was doing well, the hens and ducks were thriving and  the bees were busy. We had started to notice that our young Stafford Frank was missing Buster so the easy decision was made to get a puppy – and just like that Boss came to live with us on 26th July. I must be a gluten for punishment, you forget how hard it is looking after a puppy again but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Both of our boys bring us so much happiness and who needs door frames anyway????

My grandma turned 88 on August 10th and I still manage to pop in as often as I can. She is still loving the cream cakes but is slowly wasting way. She has good days and bad days – she is still one of my favourite ladies though!


September is when the nights start to draw in and I can officially use one of my favourite words – Autumnal! The handy woman service quietens down over the winter months but luckily people need lock smiths all year. So far 2017 has flown over – its true what they say about how time speeds up when you get older.

October and November are pretty non eventful – oh apart from having to have a colonoscopy and getting to see my bowel on a big screen right from arsehole to appendix – nice! Thank god for sedatives! I also had a fab night at the Beamish Halloween night – definitely something I would recommend.

So before I know Christmas is just around the corner – again. Its on the same bloody day every year but still creeps up on me. I tried to have some time off but that didn’t work out as planned after having problems with the electricity in the kitchen on Christmas Eve – yes you read that right 9pm Christmas Eve and my friends amazing brother has to come and disconnect the lecky in the kitchen and bathroom – just what I need. I still managed to scrape together a rather marvellous Christmas dinner – to say that alcohol was consumed is a massive understatement!

2018 is here – yey! I love New Year – its the opportunity for a fresh start and to make changes – well so far its been shit! I swear to god if it could go wrong in January then it bloody well has but in the words of the legend that is Taylor Swift I am just going to shake it off and start my 2018 from now!!!! Bring it on!!!

Alex xxx



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