Lets rewind a little bit …..

So, we are at the point where I have left my job and I am starting my big adventure as a Locksmith. But lets rewind a bit as I haven't really told you anything about myself yet! Trust me its not that exciting but if we are going to be friends then you should really know a... Continue Reading →

The next step …..

So, its November 2015 and I have just completed a course in the basics of being a locksmith! Did I drive away from this course thinking I was going to set up my business and take over the world? Did I shite! I drove home in tears, in horrendous weather, in rush hour traffic, wondering... Continue Reading →

How it started …

So, here I am, writing my very own blog! How did this ever happen? I am not known for my technical skills, in fact I am not known for much, apart from being a female locksmith. It seems I have chosen a career that attracts a lot of attention, from being interviewed on the radio... Continue Reading →

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